Auto Glass Chip Repair in San Luis Obispo

Apex takes great pride in being the very best auto glass chip repair service available in San Luis Obispo. The reason we are the best is that we maintain the highest standard of customer service while keeping the rates the lowest possible. We are not happy with any job we do until our customers are 100% satisfied! Apex stands for high quality, low prices and friendly, fast service!

Apex goes onsite in San Luis Obispo

Time constraints are a real priority for most of us today. Apex takes the pressure off by coming to you when you need an auto glass chip repair! Most glass chip issues can be fixed right at your home or place of business! So you won’t miss work, or have to take time in coming to us. Even small chips can become big problems if left unhandled. They can crack split or break. We don’t want you to be unsafe so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get it fixed right away.

Only 15 minutes to repair most car glass chips in San Luis Obispo

Most auto glass chips and cracks will only take 15 minutes or less to fix! It is always wise to get chips and cracks taken care of promptly, they can spread over time, becoming dangerous and more expensive to repair. Even multiple chips can be handled quickly by us, so give Apex a call today and let us help you in no time!

Not sure if your car glass chip can be repaired?

Rest easy, Apex professional technicians can repair most auto glass chips! If your chip is smaller than that of a quarter and is anywhere other than in the line of vision of the driver, then it is most likely repairable. We are also happy to come out and give you a free assessment, to determine what your repair or replacement options are, just give us a call.

Or if you need a full windshield replacement, we do that too!

Call Apex today for your free windshield assessment appointment!

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