It’s no secret that over the last few years, customer service has been on the decline. This is a frustrating reality that we all must face on a daily basis. We know this situation all too well, you call in to the company, hoping that you’ll reach someone who will help you and all you get is the pre-recorded answering service that says “Please listen to the following menu options.” What makes it worse is that those options  listed don’t even match the reason you are calling. Don’t you wish that you could just have a live person to talk to that actually wants to help you?

At Apex Auto Glass & Tinting we make it our priority to not only provide you with excellent customer service, but to create the best customer experience. What do we mean by that exactly? Well we believe that great service shouldn’t stop at the phones, it should be embedded throughout the entire service process. So we took a look at our service as a whole and enhanced each step to bring you the auto glass & tinting services on the Central Coast! To do this, we focused on these key categories:

  • Phones – Always use live agents (Customer Service)
  • Operations – Minimize the service time (Turnaround)
  • Operations – Maximize convenience (Mobile Service)
  • Final touches – (Complimentary Glass Cleaner)

Phones – Always use live agents (Customer Service)

As mentioned above, having a conversation with a pre-recorded menu system can be quite frustrating. Which is why we always have live agents to assist you with whatever you may need. Our agents go through weekly training seminars to ensure that we are providing top customer service on the phone. They are even trained to assist you when filing an insurance claim! We understand broken glass can be a headache, but rest assured our agents are here to help you through every step of the process.

Operations – Minimize the service time (Turnaround)

We know how important your time is and so we optimize our operations to make same day glass repair and next replacement the norm. Auto glass can be a rather unpredictable business, which is why it is important to have an office manager with years of experience and time management skills to ensure that we operate effectively and efficiently. Our customers are always welcome to bring their vehicles in for chip repairs and if they need a replacement we order the glass that day and will have it by the next business day and ready for service.

Operations – Maximize convenience (Mobile Service)

While many companies in the industry will charge a mobile service fee, we see mobile service as our duty to provide the best customer experience possible. We will come to you for free! We have 6 vans that cover a service area from Santa Ynez to Paso Robles, we can do any of our replacements at your convenience. Whether you are at home, work, or anywhere else, we are here to make things easy for you!

Final touches – (Complimentary Glass Cleaner)

We always go the extra yard to let our customers know how much we appreciate them. That’s why after every job we do we leave behind a can of our branded Apex Auto Glass & Tinting glass cleaner. 

When you are looking for glass replacement always make sure that you go to a place that gives you the experience that you deserve. You deserve to have your concerns addressed and work with a company who truly values your business. Don’t ever settle for a mediocre experience when you could have the best customer experience with Apex!


For all your auto glass related needs call Apex Auto Glass & Tinting. We can handle various services including but not limited to: windshield repair, windshield replacement, auto glass replacement, automotive tinting, home window tinting, and business window tinting.