Depending on your business and industry, it might be a good option for you to get window tinting for your business. Unless your business is operated out of something like a warehouse, then your brick-and-mortar business could likely benefit from window tint. Many people do not understand the various applications window tint can have and the different benefits that are offered. The purpose of this blog is to inform business owners of these benefits and help you decide if window tinting is a good option for your business.

Some things to consider 

It is important to understand that getting your windows tinted does not mean that it has to be tinted darker; you can always have the opacity adjusted to have the visibility that works best for you. Now that we understand that we can start figuring out if commercial window tinting is right for you. The 1st thing you should do is investigate the benefits of the different types of film. We offer products by SolarGard such as: GraffitiGard, Security Film, and Decorative Film. To help you understand the difference between which product is best for you we will go over the most common benefits business owners look for when deciding about window tint.

Heat Reduction/Energy Saving

A primary reason that a business might be considering getting their windows tinted is to reduce the overall temperature. Having a hot environment for your employees and customers can be quite unenjoyable for both groups. Many film options by SolarGard are standard to have heat rejection technology integrated into the film to keep your business feeling extra cool during those hot summer months. This also works into energy conservation, as it will reduce the amount of time you’re running your A/C. This saves businesses from high electric bills and preserves the life of the AC unit.

Security and Privacy

Along with having the benefit of heat reduction, if you are looking for options that help boost the security of your store, then you might want to consider looking at some of these film options. For example, if your store is in an area with high crime and increased chances of a break in, there are window tint options that act as a direct deterrent for this kind of behavior. If someone attempts to break your window for a smash and grab, security film will hold all the broken glass in place to act as a barrier and give you more time for your security system to react. Of course, a determined individual still can make their way into the store after a couple of minutes of persistent attempts, however when it comes to these situations, time is of the essence. Those couple of minutes could mean the difference of police arriving on scene and catching the criminals. Additionally, if you are in an area that is prone to graffiti, there are films that are designed to prevent graffiti on your windows. GraffitiGard is an example of such a film. Essentially what it does is act as a barrier to prevent things like etching, painting, and/or any other method of graffiti. You would simply pull the film off and replace it, instead of having to replace the entire window. It can be a very cost-effective solution to your graffiti problem.
Finally, with any film you can adjust the transparency that best fits your needs. If you have an area that you want to be more private, you can put a darker tint on it so that people will not be able to see into it.


With decorative film the sky’s the limit. The options are almost endless. A good example of this is the frosted glass look that you see in many hospitals and doctor’s offices. Decorative film in a variety of colors, gradients, and design style. It can even be done with a digital print out. Whatever image you want to use to cover your window can be implemented into the film. You can use your business logo or some promotional images to have on your window.

These are the top benefits that most businesses look for when getting their windows. If you are considering getting your business tinted, call us for an expert opinion!

At Apex Auto Glass and Tinting, we stay up to date with new technologies in the window film industry and have knowledgeable experts to help you decide what benefits you need for your business.