Home window tinting has benefits for Vandenberg residents

There are many benefits to having home window tinting installed for residents of Vandenberg. The beautiful Central Coast is known for terrific weather, and sunshine throughout most of the year. Our weather is envied by many, but it also has some drawbacks. Sunshine is wonderful but the sun also has very damaging UV rays, which are harmful to our skin and household items such as wood flooring or carpets, draperies and furniture! Home window tinting provides protection from heat buildup, glare and sun damage. It is also an added security element to your homes most vulnerable access point: your windows.

Make your Vandenberg residence more comfortable with home window tinting

Our weather can be quite nice and mild outside, but the sun’s heat gets trapped and accumulates through unprotected windows, raising the temperatures inside high above comfort level. Have you ever had to stop watching TV during certain times of day because the glare made it too hard to see? And have you had to cover up your windows just to see your computer screen? We can get so used to dealing with irritating glare that we don’t even realize there is a simple solution to make you more comfortable – Apex window tinting film keeps heat out, stops glare and let’s you keep your view to the outside.

Vandenberg residents appreciate the added protection and savings of window tinting

The sun’s powerful rays are not only an inconvenience, they also damage furniture, flooring, draperies, and more. Why should you risk devaluing your home or having the high cost of replacement when instead, you can have Apex window tinting films? Did you know that unprotected glass windows let UV rays right through, so that even our skin is vulnerable inside? Evidence shows a link to the levels of UV radiation we are exposed to and skin damage, from early aging to cancer. Most people by now, know that they should apply sunscreen when they go out in the sun, but most of us don’t even think about being harmed by the UV rays that come through unprotected glass while we are indoors! Installing residential window tinting will dramatically reduce the UV rays that get into your home, by up to 99% making window film tinting the smart choice!

Home Security is also at the top of the list for most people these days. We want to protect our children from accidental breakage that could cause harm, and take whatever precautions we can against unwanted entry. Security Film window tinting reduces flying glass fragments in the case of breakage, making occupants safer and slowing down a would be thief. Apex security films are thick, ranging from 4 mil. to 15 mil. so they are difficult to break, and to get through! This delay can be valuable as every second counts when waiting for help to arrive.

Afraid that window tinting for your Vandenberg home may look too dark?

People often think that window tinting will look too dark on the outside or keep the light out, making it too dark on the inside. Not any more! With advancements made in this industry we no longer have to sacrifice beauty or natural light to get the positive benefits of home window tinting! Apex will work with you to achieve a perfect balance of the natural light you desire and the added protection you want for every one of your windows!

Perhaps you have some problem areas, like a window that faces an unsightly view, or a window that needs privacy without blocking light. Our decorative window tinting films are just right for these circumstances! We carry opaque, frosted and one-way options for you to choose from.

We’d love to tell you more about how we can help you with your Vandenberg home or office window tinting needs!

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