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Commercial Window Tinting on the Central Coast

Commercial window tinting has many advantages for your office or business

Apex Auto Glass and Tinting is not just for cars… we also specialize in commercial and residential window tinting. We are able to tint windows for large and small businesses, offices, store fronts, government buildings, medical buildings, and schools.  Apex Tinting has years of experience helping building owners and managers with common glass problems at their properties. Your office might have excessive glare. This is the perfect reason to add film to your office windows.

Window Tinting reduces glare and heat, providing comfort and savings

Currently, building designs lean towards more glass to increase natural light. Even though this makes the building look beautiful, it makes the building hotter. This creates an uncomfortable environment for staff and customers and energy costs can skyrocket during summer months, trying to keep the rooms comfortable. By adding film to problem windows, you can keep out up to 70% of solar heat. Another added benefit is films also largely reduce excessive glare making it easier for employees to see computer screens and causes less eye strain for the office staff.

We have visited many buildings with blinds installed to stop heat and glare instead of using film. While blinds do work in certain circumstances, window film has many advantages. Window film stops heat before it enters the room. And unlike blinds, window tint does not block the view!

Security Film & Graffiti Guard window tinting for added benefit on the Central Coast

Window glass can be the most vulnerable part of a building. Adding security film to high-risk entry points can considerably slow down those trying to gain access. While it is true that nothing can completely stop a determined individual, security window film can slow down entry giving valuable time for help to arrive. Apex carries a wide variety of safety and security films from 4 mil through 18 mil. We also specialize in anchoring systems that strengthen and bind security films.

Apex also can install Graffiti Guard. Much like Security Film, graffiti guard is a thick film usually applied to the exterior of windows that are at risk of damage by tagging. If tagging damages the film, it can be easily replaced. This method is typically a much lower cost than replacing or resurfacing the glass itself.

Central Coast Store Front Locations are big winners with window tinting

Large glass storefronts are ideal for businesses to showcase product and let in natural light. However, large windows can let in excessive heat and allow UV damage to your valuable merchandise. Not only can UV rays cause sun damage, but the sun’s glare can also make it uncomfortable for customers to shop. If your store’s registers are near windows this also creates difficulty for employees to see screens, making the checkout process longer and prone to errors. Commercial window tinting not only reduces glare but it also can decrease solar heat. Tinting also helps you save money (we all like that) on your business’s electric bill since your A/C unit does not have to work as hard!

Schools, Legal and Government offices, and Medical buildings need the added privacy of window tinting

Not only is window tint perfect for stores and offices, but it is also a must-have for schools, government buildings, and medical buildings. While solar film can be significant for comfort and energy savings in an office, the same applies to schools, government buildings, and medical buildings. Yet these locations also have an added need for security and privacy which make window films a perfect solution.

Privacy is a big concern in regard to schools, government buildings, and medical buildings. There may be sensitive material that needs to be out of site. Patient info needs to be protected. Children and staff should not feel exposed to those looking in a window, yet should still have a clear view to the outside. We have an extensive assortment of options to handle these different concerns:  frost, opaque, decorative and one-way types of films each fill a specific need.

We also offer Residential Tinting for your home windows!

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