Commercial Window Tinting in Vandenberg

Window tinting has many advantages for business in Vandenberg

Cars aren’t all we can install window tinting on! At Apex, our professional window tinting installers are specialists when it comes to your business locations’ windows! We can handle both large and small commercial sites. With years of experience, we know the exact type of window film that will be best for you. What is your biggest issue? Excessive heat? Annoying glare? Maybe it’s a security concern… whatever it is, Apex commercial window tinting will address the issue, providing a more comfortable environment, for you, your workers and visitors.

The Vandenberg business community enjoys comfort & security with commercial window tinting by Apex

Natural light is important and today’s buildings generally have a good amount of windows for this purpose. While we appreciate the light that comes in, we don’t always want what comes with it… too much heat and irritating glare! We don’t have to put up with those things, however, if we have Apex install business window tinting film. Our window films will keep you cool and comfortable. And it will help with those glare problems. Why is glare such a problem? Not only is it annoying, it can actually make registers and computer screens difficult to see properly. This causes eye strain and increases the probability of mistakes.

In the past, people have used blinds to help with these common problems. The disadvantage to blinds is that they still let the heat into the building and they obstruct the view to the outside. With Apex window film the heat is blocked before it gets inside, and window tinting film won’t block your view!  Blinds can be a real bear to clean as well, so toss those old blinds and choose Apex  commercial window tinting instead! 

Vandenberg business buildings and Graffiti Guard or Security Film window tinting

Everyone knows windows are a susceptible entry point. We also know a determined individual will find a way into most any building, however, security film window tinting can deter would be intruders, due to lack of visibility inside, and it will slow down their entry.  With a thickness range of 4 mil through 18 mil., security window tinting film is much harder to shatter than plain glass , and every second counts when it comes to the arrival of help!  We have a wide selection of security window films to choose from.  We also install anchoring systems which strengthen and bind our security films.

Graffiti can be issue for some locations. If your building is a target for taggers, we have graffiti guard window films for you. Similar to security film, graffiti guard is thick and installed to the windows exteriors. If your window gets defaced or tagged, the graffiti tinting film can be replaced, which is less expensive than having to resurface the glass or replace the whole window. 

Commercial Store Fronts in Vandenberg benefit from Apex window tinting

Many storefronts have large glass windows which allow potential customers a view to the merchandise,  as well as letting in light. Business owners know that this can also let in a lot of unwanted heat and glare!  Another big concern are the UV rays which damage merchandise, and interior carpets, wood flooring, etc. Sun damage and excessive heat aren’t the only issues with these big windows…  Glare can be a number one problem. Not only is it annoying, it can cause eye strain and even contribute to the amount of errors made, if employees can’t see their computer or register screens properly. Commercial window tinting glass film installed at your business can help with that glare and limit the amount of solar heat that gets inside by up to 70%! Window tinting film can help you save on energy bills, and even prolong the life of your A/C unit, since it won’t have to work as hard.

Schools, Government buildings, Medical centers and other specialty locations in Vandenberg need the added privacy of commercial window tinting

In addition to the above mentioned benefits of window tinting, schools, government offices, doctor offices, etc. also have the added concerns of privacy and security. Sensitive documents, confidential materials, and the rights and privacy needs of students, patients and clients.  Apex has an assortment of one-way, opaque, frost and decorative window film selections to choose from. Our professionals will also help you figure out which type would be best for each of your window locations.

Vandenberg can also get Residential Window Tinting by Apex! Be sure to bookmark this page for all of your Commercial or Home Window Tinting needs. 93436, 9343, 93438