Commercial Window Tinting for your Santa Ynez Valley Business

Business window tinting advantages for your commercial building

Think window tinting is just for cars? At Apex Tinting we actually specialize in commercial building and residential window tinting too!  Businesses of all sizes benefit from our many commercial window tinting options. Window tinting is a must for many government and medical buildings, public and private schools, and many other specialized businesses.  Apex has extensive experience with these types of locations, and has helped countless business owners and operators improve the comfort and security of their buildings. Whether your main concern is excessive heat, glare, privacy or security, there is an Apex window tinting solution for you!

Santa Ynez Valley increases comfort and saves money with window tinting…

Letting in the light is a primary function of windows, and most buildings have quite a few. However light isn’t the only thing streaming in those windows… unwanted heat and annoying glare often come along with that natural light, creating an uncomfortable environment inside. Energy costs are always higher in buildings with lots of windows or windows that face the sun. But with Apex window tinting film the amount of solar heat can be reduced by 70%! That can save you a lot of money on electricity bills! Not to mention the glare factor. Sunlight coming in makes it hard for workers to see their computer screens which can cause eye strain and makes errors more likely. Sometimes a business will put in blinds to keep the sunlight out. This can help, but  the drawbacks are that the heat still gets inside the building, they obstruct  the view and they are a pain to keep clean. A better alternative is professionally installed window film by Apex: it won’t block the view and it will keep out a majority of solar heat before it enters the building! 

Other options for Santa Ynez are Security Film & Graffiti Guard window tinting

Let’s face it, windows are fairly easy entry points for unwanted intruders. But Windows with security window film that they can’t see into are less  likely to be targets since thieves don’t know what might be waiting for them on the other side. And, while there is nothing can completely stop a determined intruder, security window film will slow them down and make it more difficult to gain entry. Every second counts when waiting for help to arrive!  We have a wide selection of window tinting films ranging from 4 mil through 18 mil specifically for this type of situation, as well as anchoring systems that we install to strengthen and bind the security films.

Apex also has graffiti guard window films that are similar to security window film. It’s applied to windows exteriors and in the case that the window gets tagged or defaced, film can be easily replaced, saving money on resurfacing the glass, or worse having to replace the window.

Store front window tinting makes sense for Santa Ynez

Storefronts tend to have large windows which are suitable for a lot of businesses. They offer visibility to what’s in the store, and they let in natural light. The problem with those large windows is that they also let in unwanted heat and UV rays! That can really damage the merchandise and the interior materials. Also, at certain times of day they can really cause a lot of glare inside. Shoppers have a hard time shopping, and employees may not be able to see their cash register screens very well. This is frustrating, causes eye strain and makes it easier to make errors. So, by reducing the glare, and lowering the amount of heat that gets in, the inside is made more comfortable. Another plus: A/C units in buildings with tinted windows don’t have to work as hard, which will keep your energy bill down – and they will last longer!

Privacy please for Santa Ynez Schools, Medical, Dental and Government buildings with Apex window tinting

Window tinting film is an ideal solution for legal and  government buildings, medical and dental offices, and schools of all sizes. We’ve seen how Apex solar film can increase comfort and decrease energy costs. For these types of buildings security and privacy are also very much needed.  Apex window tinting is the answer.

In these types of government offices, and dental & medical offices etc. discretion is very important. With sensitive materials and patient’s privacy to consider, Apex window tinting makes a lot of sense. School students and the staff should feel unexposed and also be able to look outside. Apex’s great assortment of window films fit the bill, with choices like frost, opaque, one-way and decorative.  An Apex professional will consult with you to help you select the best window film for each of your windows.

And we have tinting options for your home too! Bookmark this page for Santa Ynez Valley commercial window tinting for your business or residential window tinting for your home. 93460

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