Commercial Window Tinting in Santa Barbara

Many advantages of window tinting for your Santa Barbara business

Cars aren’t the only things that can benefit from window tinting! Let Apex, the window tinting experts, provide your business with commercial window tinting advantages. Professionally installed window tinting film for all types of buildings and businesses.  We have extensive experience helping business owners and managers create a more comfortable environment for their clients and employees.

Santa Barbara businesses add to comfort & security with window tinting by Apex

Most commercial buildings have a lot of windows, they provide natural light and look good from the outside. The problem with all these windows is they make the interior heat levels much higher,  which is uncomfortable for customers and personnel. Energy costs are a concern for business as well. Bills can climb during the many warm months of the Central Coast because A/C units have to work harder. But 70% of solar heat can be reduced with proper window tinting film installed. Apex will work with you to ensure the right solution for your specific needs. Besides heat, glare is also a big concern. Sunlight streaming in during certain times of day can really be a problem. Glare causes eye strain for those who are trying to see computer screens. When employees can’t see their screens well they are more prone to making errors.

Window blinds or shades are sometimes used to address these concerns in some businesses. The problem with them is they let more heat in (window film stops the heat before it enters the building!) they obstruct the view, and they take more time to clean! It is clear that your business will be better off with the proper use of window tinting options.

Security Film and Graffiti Guard window tinting is available in Santa Barbara

Adding security film window tinting slows down an attempted break in. Windows are made of glass, the easiest thing to break, which makes them vulnerable to unwanted entry. Of course we know nothing can completely deter a thief, but with security window film in place it will slow them down, because it is harder to shatter and more difficult to get through. Every second matters when you are waiting for help to arrive!  Apex carries a wide selection of safety and security window tinting films. They range in thickness from 4 mil through 18 mil. And we install anchoring systems to strengthen and bind the security films.

Apex Tinting provides Graffiti Guard window films as well. Similar to our Security Film, Graffiti Guard is a thick window film. It is applied to the windows exterior to help in the event of tagging. Damaged or defaced window film is a lot easier to replace than a whole window, or even having to resurface the glass.

Santa Barbara Stores benefit from business window tinting

Most retail locations have large glass storefronts. They allow shoppers to see merchandise and they let in natural light to the store. However, these large areas of glass, also let in unwanted heat.Moreover, the UV rays from this direct sunlight damages building interiors and merchandise. Sun damage isn’t the only concern with all this light. Glare is a major problem making shoppers and workers uncomfortable. Irritated shoppers won’t stay long and impairing the vision of workers trying to see their computer and register screens is not good. Glare can lead to eye strain, and to errors made from not being able to see clearly. Commercial window tinting can save your business money in energy bills too.

The Schools of Santa Barbara, Legal & Government offices, Dental & Medical buildings seek the privacy and security of commercial window tinting

Business window tinting is a must-have for schools, government and medical locations alike. The solar film which provides comfort and energy savings to other types of business are even more important for schools, government buildings, and medical buildings because they have additional needs of security and privacy. Commercial window tinting by Apex addresses all these needs.

Privacy is paramount. Sensitive and confidential materials need to be kept out of sight of prying eyes. Medical and Dental patients require privacy, and students should feel unexposed. Blocking light and views shouldn’t have to be the result of achieving this privacy. Apex has a large assortment of choices, including one-way, frost, decorative and opaque types of window films. At Apex we will help you select the right one for your needs.

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