Commercial Window Tinting in Nipomo

Commercial window tinting has many advantages for Nipomo businesses

Window tinting isn’t for cars only! Apex specializes in commercial business window tinting too! We are your professional window tinting film installers no matter what size your business is. Apex has years of experience behind us and we know just the right choice of window film for your specific needs. Maybe you have a glare issue or are concerned abut security. Maybe you’d like to keep the temperature nicer inside but don’t want to lose your view… whatever your commercial window tinting needs are, Apex will meet them!

Nipomo business sector gets comfort & security with Apex commercial window tinting

Buildings are designed to utilize windows for natural light, and to make the outside of the building look nice. But designers aren’t always thinking about what that will do to the inside environment, increasing heat levels, causing glare and making energy costs go up. The good news is that 70% of solar heat can be reduced by installing Apex business window tinting!  Heat is a concern but so is the glare caused by sunlight streaming in. Glare can cause eye strain and make registers and computer screens hard to see.

Blinds are used by some buildings to help these issues, but while they offer some shading they allow the outside heat in. Window tinting film blocks the heat before it gets in. Window tinting film won’t block the view and they aren’t as hard to clean as those pesky blinds! It’s clear to see window tinting film has many advantages over blinds for Nipomo’s business windows.

Security Film window tinting and Graffiti Guard window tinting in Nipomo

We all know that windows are a vulnerable part buildings. But did you know that Security Film window tinting can actually deter would be intruders as well as slow down attempted entries? Of course nothing can stop a really determined thief, but most don’t like to enter through a window they can’t see in because they don’t know what might be waiting for them inside. And if they do attempt to break in they will find it much harder to shatter the glass with the film on it, getting through it will take more time, which is really important in terms of help arriving!  Apex carries a selection of safety and security window films ranging from 4 mil through 18 mil. and we install anchoring systems that strengthen and bind the security films as well.

Not just for break ins… we have Graffiti Guard window films too. Much like Security Film, Graffiti Guard is thick and applied to the window exterior. If the window glass gets tagged or defaced, the window film can be replaced and that is easier and cheaper than a replacing a whole window, or even resurfacing it. 

Nipomo’s Business Store Fronts benefit greatly from window tinting

Storefronts with large glass windows are typical for most retail stores. Allowing shoppers to see merchandise and letting in natural light. These large windows can also let in unwanted heat. Besides just the heat, the UV rays cause damage to the merchandise, not to mention flooring, wallpaper and other interior materials. Sun damage isn’t the only concern either, the glare can really make both shoppers and employees uncomfortable. And if your workers can’t see their computer and register screens well they tend to make more mistakes. Eye strain is another concern caused by glare. Apex’s business window tinting glass film will not only help with unwanted glare, it will actually decrease the amount of solar heat that gets inside by up to 70%! Commercial window tinting for your business can save you money on your energy bill, and keep your A/C unit working longer.

Schools, Government, Dental, Medical buildings and more need commercial window tinting for added privacy and security

Commercial window tinting is not only just for stores or small offices and businesses. It is a must-have for many schools, legal offices, doctor offices and medical centers. The same solar film advantages of comfort and  energy savings are required, but privacy is an even bigger concern for these types of places.

They must protect sensitive and confidential materials, as well as patients rights and privacy. At schools, the students shouldn’t feel exposed, but they should have a view. Apex’s large assortment to meet these needs include  one-way,  frost, opaque, and even decorative window films choices. Apex will help you select the right choice for your windows.

Apex also offers Residential Window Tinting for your home!

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