Commercial Window Tinting in Buellton

Commercial window tinting advantages for your Buellton office or business

Apex Tinting is not just for trucks and cars! We are commercial business window tinting experts! We professionally install window tinting film for all sizes of businesses, offices, store fronts, government and medical buildings, also schools.  We have years of experience behind us to ensure that building owners and managers are pleased with the results. Perhaps you have noticed the irritating glare or excessive heat in your business, give Apex a call and we will take care of that!

Businesses receive added comfort & security with Apex window tinting

Most building designs utilize windows to increase natural light and enhance the look of the building. But these windows increase the interior heat levels,  creating an uncomfortable environment for employees or customers. Energy costs can also skyrocket during warmer months as the A/C units have to work so much harder. 70% of solar heat can be reduced just by adding the proper window tinting film! At Apex we work with you to determine the best solution for your needs. Heat isn’t the only concern, the glare caused by sunlight streaming in is also a big problem. Glare can cause eye strain as it makes computer screens and registers harder to see. Glare can also be the culprit of errors as staff can’t see their screens properly.

Window blinds can be an option for some buildings, but they do not reduce the level of heat that window film does, and they obstruct the view, not to mention they require more time to clean! Window film has many advantages over blinds in a business.

Security Film and Graffiti Guard window tinting in Buellton

The glass of windows is the most vulnerable part of any building. By adding security film window tinting to entry spots you can slow down attempted entries. Of course nothing can completely stop a determined thief, but security window film will slow them down, as it harder to shatter and get through. Every minute counts for the arrival of help!  At Apex we carry a nice selection of safety and security window films that range from 4 mil through 18 mil. We also install anchoring systems that will strengthen and bind the security films we provide.

Apex also has Graffiti Guard window films. Similar to Security Film, Graffiti Guard is a thick window film applied to the exterior of windows that are at risk of damage by taggers. Tagged or damaged window film can more easily be replaced than a whole window, or having the glass resurfaced.

Buellton Business Store Fronts win big with window tinting

Large glass storefronts are the norm for most retail locations. They allow for easy visibility of merchandise and let lots of natural light into the building. Large windows however, also let in a lot of heat, and the UV rays can damage the merchandise inside. Not only do the rays cause sun damage, they cause glare that makes it uncomfortable for shoppers and workers. When your employees can’t see their computer and register screens well they make more errors and end up with eye strain. Business window tinting will not only reduce unwanted glare it will decrease solar heat inside. Commercial window tinting can also save you money on your business’s electric bill, and prolong the life your A/C unit as it won’t have to work as hard!

Buellton Schools, Legal, Government, Dental & Medical buildings require added privacy & security of commercial window tinting

Business window tinting is not only perfect for stores and general offices, it is also a must-have for schools, government and medical locations. As we’ve learned solar film is significant for comfort and energy savings, but schools, government buildings, and medical buildings also have an added need for security and privacy, which make a window film solution the right choice.

Privacy is very important to these locations. There is sensitive and confidential materials that need to be out of sight. Patients and students need to not feel exposed, yet should also have view to the outside. Apex has a large assortment of choices for these different concerns, including one-way,  frost, opaque, and decorative types of window films. Each one fills a need and we will help you determine the right one for you.

Apex also offers Home Window Tinting for your personal residence! You can bookmark this page for your Buellton Commercial or Home Window Tinting needs. 93427

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