Commercial Window Tinting for your Atascadero Business

Business window tinting advantages for your building

Many people think window tinting is just for cars, but here at Apex Tinting we actually specialize in commercial and residential window tinting as well!  Every size of business can benefit from business window tinting. Think about large or small store fronts, government and medical buildings, public and private schools, and any individual business.  Window tinting is an Apex specialty, and we have the experience to back it!  We have helped countless building owners and managers with their glass and window issues. Top on the list is glare, but other concerns are privacy and protection. Whatever your Atascadero business is, it can benefit from commercial window tinting .

Increase comfort and save money with window tinting…

Today’s buildings usually have a lot of windows to let in the light. This feature makes the buildings look great but it also makes inside the building a lot hotter, creating an uncomfortable environment. Energy costs are much higher in places with lots of windows or windows facing the sun. With Apex window film installed the amount of solar heat can be reduced by about 70%. That can save you a lot of money on utility bills! Another big concern is glare. Light streaming in can make it hard for people to see their computer screens, causing eye strain and more potential for errors. Some businesses will use blinds in an attempt to keep the heat out and remove the glare. They can work in some situations, but  Apex window film is usually a better alternative and has more advantages. Professionally installed window film by Apex won’t block the view and will keep the rooms much cooler than blinds.

Other window tinting options include Security Film & Graffiti Guard

Windows are often a vulnerable area, especially if they do not have the added protection of window film. High-risk areas that have security film are less appealing to would be thieves or vandals. The security film itself will slow down the attempted intruder, providing valuable time for help to arrive. Thieves are less likely to want to break into a window that they can’t see into, as well. There is a large selection of window tinting films that range from 4 mil through 18 mil for these purposes, along with anchoring systems that Apex installs to strengthen and bind security films.

Apex also offers graffiti guard window films. Similar to security film, it is applied to windows exteriors. If the window gets tagged or defaced, the layer of film can be replaced saving money on replacing or resurfacing the glass.

Store front window tinting really makes sense

Storefronts that have large glass windows are ideal for many types of businesses. They provide great visibility and show off what’s in the store. The problem with those large windows though, is the UV rays coming in can really damage the merchandise. They also let sun in, which at certain times of day can cause a lot of glare. Customers don’t appreciate having the sun in their eyes when they are trying to shop,  and employees may not be able to see the cash register screens properly. Not only is this frustrating but it causes eye strain and makes it easier to make mistakes. Along with reducing the glare, window tinting will make it more comfortable by decreasing the interior temperature. A/C units in buildings with tinted windows don’t have to work as hard, which will keep your energy bill down – and that’s always a good thing!

Privacy please! Schools, Medical, Dental and Government buildings are better off with window tinting

Window tinting film goes hand in hand with government buildings, medical offices and many schools. Apex solar film increases comfort and decreases costs. For these kind of buildings security and privacy are also needed. That’s where Apex window tinting comes in!

For government offices, and dental & medical offices, privacy is paramount . There are sensitive materials and patients to consider.  At schools, both students and faculty should feel unexposed but also be able to look outside. Apex’s wide assortment of window films are the answer, with choices like frost, opaque, decorative and one-way.  Apex will consult with you to determine the best type for each of your window locations.

And we have tinting options for your home too!

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