Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair in Nipomo

Fast windshield repair or replacement Nipomo

Driving with a cracked or chipped car window is very dangerous both for the driver and the other passengers. Apex Auto Glass and Tinting has the right solution for you in Nipomo. Our Technicians are available right away to meet with you and fix your car window in no time at all and with great results. Apart from the written guarantee, we are proud to provide 100% customer satisfaction with every operation we provide!

Apex Auto Glass and Tinting does car window and windshield replacement in Nipomo

Our company provides quality car windshield replacement in Nipomo as well. Sometimes the chips and cracks on a window are simply too big to be repaired properly; this is the moment when a windshield replacement is required. Our qualified Technicians will undertake this operation by correctly positioning and perfectly fitting the windshield; it will look like it was never broken.

Apex is only local company offering systems calibration for ADAS windshield cams!

Advanced Driver’s Assistance Systems or ADAS, that utilize windshield mounted cameras need special calibration in order to work correctly. While most auto glass service companies send you back to the dealer after they have done a windshield replacement, Apex will not! We are a certified auto glass company that can do the re-calibration for you at the time of your windshield installation. Apex uses the very latest in OEM technology, ensuring the function of your mounted camera. Keep your systems doing their job correctly, call Apex! For more about the need for OEM technology click here

Sometimes that glass chip is too big, but not this time!

Don’t go right away and buy a new windshield if you only have a minor chip. You will save a great amount of money by fixing it instead of replacing the whole windshield. Our Technicians can fix most chips that are not directly into the driver’s line of sight and which are smaller than a regular quarter coin. It will take only 15 minutes to fix one chip, and then you’ll be able to drive safely again.


Repairing car windows & windshields within minutes in Nipomo

Most people need their car windows fixed as soon and as quickly as possible; most of us use cars to travel to and from work everyday, so we can’t go without our car for too long. When calling Apex Auto Glass and Tinting, you don’t need to worry about your time. As soon as we establish an appointment with you, one of our Technicians will fix that window quickly. It takes us about 15 minutes to fix a small chip; we can do it while you drink your coffee!

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