Advanced Driver’s Assistance Safety Systems

Does your windshield have an ADAS camera?

More and more vehicles now come with advanced safety systems, which require re-calibration after a windshield replacement. These systems typically use front-facing cameras as part of the vehicle’s advanced safety system. These systems are designed to protect you and your vehicle on the road, and will only be able to do so if they are functioning correctly. When damage occurs and a windshield replacement is necessary, these camera systems need to be re-calibrated in order to maintain the integrity of the system, and keep you safe.

Apex is Certified in ADAS Re-Calibration

Most auto glass companies are unable to perform this important re-calibration process and will send their customers back to the dealership after windshield installation. Not at Apex! Our technicians are certified and experienced with the re-calibration procedure that is necessary for proper functioning of the system. We utilize the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that your systems are calibrated correctly after a new windshield is installed. We are your one-stop car windshield auto glass replacement service!


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