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When we began our business Apex Auto Glass and Tinting in 2000 we committed ourselves to providing service that will “DAZZLE” you. Leaving our customers knowing the work was done right the first time. We always go the extra mile to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

The owners of Apex Auto Glass and Tinting are committed to providing the ultimate level of quality workmanship and customer service!

Auto Glass Replacement/Repair


Whether it is your windshield, rear window or a side window, that has been damaged, Apex has the professional technicians and the latest technologies to get your problem resolved as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Chip Repair


You’ll be glad to know that Apex professionals are able to repair most auto glass chips right on the spot! A good way to know if yours can be repaired is to see if the chip is smaller than a quarter, and if it isn’t directly in the driver’s line of vision.

Car Window


We can tint any make and model in a wide variety of shades. Our highly trained technicians will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the window tinting on your vehicle. There are many benefits from window tinting…

Commercial/Residential Window Tinting


Apex Auto Glass and Tinting is not just for cars… we also specialize in commercial and residential window tinting. We are able to tint windows for large and small businesses, offices, store fronts, government buildings, medical buildings, and schools…



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Apex Auto Glass Replacement Repair Windshield Chip Repair

Auto Glass Replacement & Windshield Chip Repair

Auto Glass Replacement/Repair

The BEST Windshield Repair on the Central Coast!
From Paso Robles to Santa Ynez… from Atascadero to Vandenberg… you will not find a more qualified, full service, Windshield Repair & Replacement company anywhere on our beautiful Central Coast!  We have an outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction, and we offer services not available from other companies.

Windshield Chip Repair

The highest quality auto glass chip repair in Santa Maria? That would be Apex Auto Glass and Tinting! What makes us so different? At Apex we work tirelessly to ensure our customers have the highest satisfaction possible!  From beginning to the end, Apex will handle your job in a friendly, fast manner. We will be on time and give you the best value. Apex stands for top quality all the way around.

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Commercial Window Tinting

Apex Tinting has years of experience helping building owners and managers with common glass problems at their properties. Your office might have excessive glare. This is the perfect reason to add film to your office windows.

Window Tinting reduces glare and heat, providing comfort and savings

Currently, building designs lean towards more glass to increase natural light. Even though this makes the building look beautiful, it makes the building hotter. This creates an uncomfortable environment for staff and customers and energy costs can skyrocket during summer months, trying to keep the rooms comfortable. By adding film to problem windows, you can keep out up to 70% of solar heat. Another added benefit is films also largely reduce excessive glare making it easier for employees to see computer screens and causes less eye strain for the office staff.

We have visited many buildings with blinds installed to stop heat and glare instead of using film. While blinds do work in certain circumstances, window film has many advantages. Window film stops heat before it enters the room. And unlike blinds, window tint does not block the view!

Apex Auto Glass Chumash Commerical Window Tinting
Apex Auto Glass Commercial-Residential Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting

Apex clear home window tinting films block the UV rays without obstructing visibility. For the windows where you would like more privacy, without sacrificing natural light, we have a nice variety of decorative window films, including opaque, frosted and one-way options to choose from.

Window tinting will make your home more comfortable

Heat accumulates as it comes in through unprotected windows and gets trapped inside. The temperatures inside can raise dramatically even when it is nice and mild outside. Many people will cover their windows, and turn their fans on, but this does not take care of the heat build up and it blocks out the light we desire. Glare is another big concern with sunlight streaming in. Glare makes watching TV  or working on computer screens very hard. Apex has a simple solution which will make you much more comfortable at home – window tinting! Professionally installed window tinting film by Apex will add beauty, comfort and protection to your home.


Does your windshield have an ADAS camera?

More and more vehicles now come with advanced safety systems, which require re-calibration after a windshield replacement. These systems typically use front-facing cameras as part of the vehicle’s advanced safety system.

Our technicians are certified and experienced with the re-calibration procedure that is necessary for proper functioning of the system.


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